Sabato 26 Settembre 2020
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IT-Call was developed as an innovative concept in the former "partnership project". The idea was to analyze the possibility of the realisation of the concept, analyze market conditions in Europe and finally to structure efficient training curricula for future development. All these steps have been successfully implemented and validation of idea and establishment of curriculum was realised. During these two years activities, it was clearly demonstrated that "call center" sector is continuously growing at 6-10% rates annually in European Countries, being much higher than average growth rates of individual countries. This is actually based on the simple fact that, robots and Web pages are still far beyond from replacing "human touch" and customers are seeking fast, efficient and solution oriented "human" support from their suppliers of goods and services. Another interesting outcome was observing that there is not too many training opportunities for call center operator/representative position.

Another finding was that, some call center operators already have found that disabled workers stay in their jobs longer and are more loyal than other workers. They also tend to be older and better educated, and they will work for less, being untapped pool of labor that doesn't have many other options. Also after the first year of the former project, Ministry of Transportation and Communication in Turkey did a pilot activity to train and employ some disabled people at their homes as call center operators. This also brought some attention to the topic and some training efforts initiated mostly from communication operators. In 2011 one training center has opened with the support of one mobile operator in Turkey.

On top of all these findings and facts, and besides the fact that being call center operator is simply “a job where nothing counts but brains and voice”, there is still a strong need for training.

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